"Damn you eBay!" - Homer Simpson
Issue 2
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Comic strip for: Saturday 14th June 2008

The Goldfish Bowl: "Now there's a horrific image.." :: [07:56:34]

Now there's a horrific image..

I don't know.. He could kill us quickly and painfully by us laughing so damn hard :)

And, because I want to bring it up now.. Happy Birthday Wes. Have a good one :D - Joff


Thought(s) for: Friday 21st March 2008

UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2008..'n stuff :: [03:09:00] - Wes
We'll be attending, as well as sponsoring again, the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2008 this Saturday (22nd March), down Mile End in London, if you're in the vicinity pop in and see us, we'll reward you with lots of free stuff, comics and a quick chat. :)

Anyway I have to admit I severely buggered up this year, we managed to get the new comic done, and it's a pretty awesome one too, however I missed the ship date in time for the con so our shipment of comics is currently somewhere in the ether that is known as Customs, until Tuesday.
This means the new comic will
a) be available in a "special" format I'm keeping as a surprise for the con,
b) not available at the con in actual paper form,
c) be available (along with the previous issues) on this site next week,
d) also available for print-on-demand from Indy Planet and Lulu.

Apologies, I feel really bummed about this but I'm hoping to make up for it with other goodies!

In other news we might be appearing in another anthology soon, so watch this space.